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Moving Matters: Exercise and Inflammation

Lesson 4 · 7 min

When you have psoriatic arthritis, exercising can be … complicated. 

Symptoms like joint pain and swelling may make it hard for you to exercise or be active in other ways.

Plus, you might worry that high intensity workouts or certain types of physical activity could make your psoriatic arthritis symptoms worse and damage your joints. No, thanks.

But is there a way to exercise without making things worse? Absolutely.

Exercise can actually reduce your symptoms. It’s all about finding ways to get moving that are kind to your flares.

In the last lesson we helped you pinpoint the everyday habits linked to inflammation (one of which is a lack of exercise).

You’ll come away from this lesson with some safe, real-life ways to get active and a clear understanding of when (and how) to take it easy.  

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